The Music of Dolphins - Karen Hesse

The most memorable part of the book is when they have to take Mila back in to the sea with the dolphins. She was begging them to take her to the ocean as a family since they all live in the same house. It was memorable because saying good bye the way she did is hard because you may never see him or her again. But Mila was strong when the dolphins took her back because once she called for her dolphin mother she was happy. Only happy to see her dolphin mom, dolphin aunt, and dolphin brother. And once she saw how Doctor Becks face reacted, instead of Mila getting told to be strong it was Doctor Beck who got told ......but by Mila. She said " Doctor Beck you are always going to be with me... I can come and visit !". But Doctor Beck said " I wolud love to have you come and visit ! ".